Planning a Boardies Day is simple

Whether it’s the classic ‘wear your boardies’ event, another summer themed event,

or a mixture of summer loving themes - it’s the feeling of the beach

you’re trying to recreate.

Ask your guests to make a small donation, or be creative to raise funds to keep your beach safe.

Of course wearing boardies is the original event. And it’s as easy as picking a time, date and place where you and your guests can wear your beach boardies.

Decorate with red and yellow decorations – balloons, streamers, plates and napkins. Ask your guests to wear red and yellow too, and you’ve got the makings of a colourful way to support beach safety.

Think your favourite beach shirt, hat or flip flops. Think an esky full of cold drinks, and picnic style food. Throw in some beach themed games and you’ll forget you’re not at the beach.

Lay a few beach towels on the floor and lounge around relaxing with a picnic. Organise some beach games like beach-ball soccer, water bucket relay or ring-toss with floaties.

Keep your day wear on, but let your stomach think about summer days at the beach. Keep it as simple as a hot dog, or up the game and go gourmet.

Think big and do it all. Wear your boardies and flip flops, decorate in red and yellow, get the barbie grilling and the picnic going. Then add some beach games to the mix.